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5 Heart Healthy Fiber Sources that are Low FODMAP

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

While following the Low FODMAP diet, it can be tricky to get in the daily recommended amount of fiber of 25-30 grams per day. This is the same amount that is recommended for the general population as well. It can be difficult to reach this goal if you are following the Low FODMAP diet to manage your IBS because so many High FODMAP foods are rich in fiber.

So what is the big deal about fiber anyways?

Fiber plays many roles in our health by:

-Bulks our stools (especially those with IBS-Diarrhea)

-Lowers our cholesterol.

-Helps to control our blood sugar.

-Weight management because it can keep you fuller longer.

So, in case you are wondering, how do you reap the benefits of consuming fiber and managing your IBS if so many fibrous foods are High FODMAP?


First we need to understand there are two different kinds of fiber:

The first is, Short chain soluble fiber and highly fermentable fiber. This is the kind of fiber foods that will likely cause the gas and bloating, abdominal pain and discomfort. Some examples of these foods you want to avoid on a Low FODMAP diet are:

-Apples, pears, cauliflower, beans, avocado, apricots, brussel sprouts, barley, wheat bran.

The second kind, and the kind we will focus on are the Long Chain soluble fiber that is moderately fermentable and is less likely to cause gas and abdominal cramping and bloating.

Follow the list below of 5 High Fiber Food Sources that are Low FODMAP:

1. Snack on Low FODMAP high fiber fruits:

-Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and kiwi.

2. Add Low FODMAP Vegetables to your dinners:

-Potato with the peel, carrots with the peel, green beans.

3. Add seeds as a snack or as a topper to meals:

-Sunflower seeds, chia seeds, ground flaxseeds.

4. Have Low FODMAP hearty grains at breakfast or with meals:

-oatmeal, quinoa, millet, brown rice

5. Add Low FODMAP lentils in soups or dishes for added protein and fiber:

-Canned lentils, limit green and red boiled lentils to 1/4 cup to stay low FODMAP.

Some fiber supplements can be helpful with those that have a difficult time getting the recommended amount from foods. But the kind of supplement and amount varies per person. Reach out to me if you have questions on fiber foods that work best for you, your digestive and heart health.

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Cari Riker
Cari Riker
07 févr. 2020

Thank you for the kind words Donna. Yes, we sometimes have to give up foods we like, but thankfully there are other options out there so you don’t feel deprived.


Thank you Cari for this GREAT article on fiber! This has been one of the hardest things for me about going on the FODMAP management for my IBS. I thought it would be the "giving up" of so many foods I loved, but there are so many options. With the help of a good nutritionist, like yourself, the FODMAP way of coping with IBS is very doable. Always can use new ideas for fiber however, as you stated, it's very hard to get when you cut out things like whole wheat (gluten). Thanks again for always keeping your clients up to date with the best information. Donna C

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