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Hey There!

Are you ready to step up your game?

If any of the following rings true, you can't afford to miss this course..........


If you have checked off any of these boxes, and

You Are Ready to:

Cut through the clutter of nutrition information, and follow a science-based approach that is volleyball specific.

Practical ways to fuel for life on the go.

Understand how to fuel your body for in-season versus off-season.

Optimize your performance by properly fueling before, during and after practices and tournaments.

Understand what nutrients and amounts you need before tournament day.

Learn how to fuel during a practice week versus a tournament week.

Start 2022 off right ......

You can confidently fuel your body, and increase your energy and strength to become a better player via the:


In this course, you will see results like:
  • More energy to sustain you through trainings and tournaments.

  • Mental sharpness to make better game time decisions.

  • Confidently fuel your body before tournament weekends.

  • Food freedom in knowing what foods work best for your body.

  • Confidence in creating delicious, healthy, and strengthening meals.

Volleyball Nutrition Academy  Framework:

  • This is an 8 week online program.

  • 4 online live classes every two weeks.

  • Personal Online Portal to have a central location for educations, handouts, and secure messaging with Cari.

  • MEAL PLANS exclusive to your needs, includes grocery lists.

  • Accountability tasks to help keep you on track towards fueling for success!

Who this program is NOT for:

This program is not a quick fix, which is why it is an 8 week program.  This method holds value only if you participate, apply and implement the information gained, and adapt to your personal needs.  

  • If you have a history of an eating disorder, than 1 on 1 support is encouraged.

  • If you are NOT a volleyball player or parent.

  • You don't have reliable internet.

What Players Say

Grace E.

Volleyball Nutrition Academy helped me fuel my body the right way. I loved the recipes, so many to choose from, and tasted great

Sharon L.

The Volleyball Nutrition Academy is great for families/athletes who are serious about providing a holistic approach for their children

Bri H.

The Academy helped me to learn how to stay full and energized throughout the entire day.

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